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About Us

NorthGate Venue opened in the Fall of 2019 with the goal of creating an elegant space that could be used for almost any type of event.  The owner of NorthGate Venue was underwhelmed by the options available when planning an Anniversary Party years earlier.  The experience of inadequate parking, complexity of details around the event, cleanliness of facilities (to name a few) planted the seed for a future Venue.    

Northgate Venue is committed to providing a turn key experience for your event. Tables and Chairs are available for your event when you select a rental package.  There are a designated catering staging area and private catering entrance.   NorthGate Venue leverages a software system that creates a personalized portal for your event.  All contracts are e-signed through the portal as well as all payments and due dates being available in the portal.  Our clients can communicate directly with our team through the portal.

At NorthGate Venue we take pride in providing a beautiful facility that is clean, provides ample parking, and let's you focus on enjoying your event.  Reach out via the link below or by the chat feature.  We look forward to working with you.

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